Christmas Celebrations (December 2018)
Nativity play: led by Reception, Year 1 and Year 2
Whole school Christmas celebration assembly
Advent Mass (December 2018)
Remembrance Day (November 2018)
All Saints' Day and All Souls Day Celebrations(November 2018)
 Harvest Celebration (October 2018)
led by Year 5
Feast of St Vincent  (September 2018)
Whole school Mission Day
Year 6 Leavers Celebration (July 2018)
led by Year 6
School Celebration of First Holy Communion (June 2018)
Year 4
Celebration of Mary (May 2018)
led by Years 1 and 2
Easter Passion Play (March 2018)
led by Years 3, 4 and 5
Ash Wednesday Services (February 2018)
Led by Father Malcolm
Each class will also celebrate a Class Mass throughout the year with Father Malcolm. Parents and families are invited to join the children at these Masses.