End of Year Awards

21st July 2021
Huge Congratulations to the worthy winners of our 2 school awards.
The first award is a long-standing awarded, given to someone who has shown "Generosity of Spirit" during their time at St Vincent's Catholic Primary School.
The second award is a new award from July 2021, donated by the Parish Council of St Joseph's in memory of a well-loved parishioner of St Joseph's Church and retired member of staff of St Vincent's - Marion James, who sadly passed away in August 2020. This award is presented to someone who has demonstrated Faith in Action.
Thank you to Fr John, who joined us in our final celebration of the year for Mass to give thanks for all the good that has happened in the year just passed, despite all the challenges. 
We give thanks...
... for our wonderful Year 6 children who leave St Vincent's today
... for the members of staff who leave us today also, for all that they have done and given to our school
... for the joy of First Holy Communion, celebrated by our Year 4 and 5 children
... Marion James, a well loved member of our Parish and School community, in whose memory we award our "Faith in Action" award for the first time this year
... for coming together once again as an amazing school community for the good of all within our school family, during what has been such a difficult year.
Wishing everyone a wonderful, restful summer break!