Below is some guidance on how and what learning activities will be shared for home learning during this period of closure:


  • Recommended websites have been listed under this “Home Learning” tab to support you in working with your children at home.
  • Each class has a page under this “Home Learning” tab where teachers will publish learning activities, subject to them being in good health. If your child is struggling with the activities set, or is finding them too easy, then please feel free to access activities set for other year groups.
  • Each week, teachers will publish a set of daily activities for reading, writing and maths.  These will be available by 10am at the latest on Monday morning each week to complete in the exercise books provided. Any resources referenced, will have either been sent home with your child prior to school closing, or will be published on the webpage.
  • The activities from previous weeks will be moved to an "archive" page at the end of each week so that you can still access them, without overloading the main class page, where only the activities for the current week will be published.
  • The other documents on the class pages (learning projects) provide further, more general activities for your child to complete. Again these will be moved to the "archive" at the end of each week.


In addition to this:

  • Please use the homework activities which have been published on the website since September (See “Teaching and Learning” - “Homework” tab).
  • Topic homework sheets are also still available on class pages ("Teaching and Learning" - click on relevant year group).
  • Please read regularly with your child and continue to record this in their diary. Suggested questions and prompts for discussion can be found on the class pages (“Teaching and Learning” - click on relevant year group).
  • Your child’s diary contains lots of information linked to the curriculum – please refer to this in supporting your child’s learning at home.
Please note that where possible, documents will be published in Word and PDF format to provide as much flexibility as possible in how you access and use them.