Delay to plans for wider re-opening

7th June 2020

This afternoon I have taken a call from the Local Authority who, in light of all information available, has taken the decision to delay plans for schools to re-open gradually to Reception, Year 1 and Year 6.


Our plan at St Vincent’s was to begin welcoming children back to school from tomorrow, Monday 8th June, starting with Year 1. This is now not happening. Once we have received further information from the Local Authority, I will publish revised plans and timescales on how we will gradually welcome back Reception, Year 1 and Year 6.


Our provision for key worker / vulnerable children continues as it has done throughout the lockdown period, so if you have already let us know of your needs for the coming week, this is not impacted by changes to the wider re-opening. However, please note that key worker/vulnerable children will now be located in our Year 2 classroom rather than in Year 3 / 5 classrooms.


Many thanks for your patience and support in what is a very complex situation.