Synod 2020

Information from the Archdiocese of Liverpool:


During these days of isolation and social distancing we are experiencing different ways of being Church. Our prayer and worship has become transformed as we gather remotely, online, from our own home. Our sense of community is challenged as we find creative and new ways of coming together to meet, to socialise, to work, or to check in on each other.


As you may know we are midway through an additional period of reflection in our Synod journey as we ask ourselves, in the light of the changes COVID-19 has brought to our lives, what kind of Church God is calling us to be? What can our Synod learn from the experience of living through these difficult and different times?


We have produced a short film ( and the attached leaflet to help guide this reflection. As with every step in this Synod journey it is vital that we hear the experience from our Catholic schools. Please make use of these resources and encourage others in your school community to reflect too as we continue to discern the Church God is calling us to be.


Visit our website, reflect on the materials, and submit your proposals for action by the extended deadline of Monday 18 May.