Welcome to St. Vincent's

Welcome to our Reception class page!  Here you will find information about  EYFS at St. Vincent’s!

The deadline for Primary  applications is 16th January 2023. Don’t be late as this may reduce your chances of being offered a place at one of your preferred schools.

Please find attached our welcome booklet.
  • Mr Mykel Parle

    Class Teacher

    Hi, I am Mr. Parle! I am the Reception teacher at St. Vincent’s . Here in our classroom, we learn through lots of play based experiences; learning at St. Vincent’s is fun! We explore the world around us and develop into fantastic learners and investigators. My favourite areas in Reception are the water tray, the Numberblocks area and the deconstructed role play area- where you can create any area you desire, the possibilities are endless! We hope you can visit our lovely classroom.

  • Mrs Paula Gaskell

    Teaching Assistant

    Hi, my name is Mrs. Gaskell, I am the Reception Teaching assistant. We have lots of fun playing together at St Vincent’s. I love to help children with their arts and crafts projects in class and enjoy playing outdoor games and sports together.

We are very welcoming at St.Vincent’s if you want to see the area in person please contact the school office and we will gladly arrange a tour.

What Parents Say:

Here are some comments from parents of Reception children!

  • Thank you for all your hard work with the Reception class. It is much appreciated. They will take many fond memories away of their first year of school.

  • Thank you for really going the Extra Mile with the Reception Children. It’s been a tough and unusual year but you have really done your best to make it a brilliant experience for them. 

  • I cannot express how proud we are of the school and how grateful we made the choice to send our daughter to St Vincent's. She skipped to school every day and has developed excellent social skills and respect for others.

  • My child loved the activities last week, so much that when he got home he asked to draw a wolf wanted poster, he’s never asked that before, drawing is something we usually have to encourage. He sat for ages, very engaged explaining his drawing and telling me all about his day. It was lovely, thank you. 

  • Thank you both for making my child’s first year at school so enjoyable. She loves going to school every day and you have had a big impact on her happiness, which means so much through such a difficult year.

Here is a video of the fun we have had in Reception.