Message from the Chair of Governors

Welcome to the Governor pages of the school website. Here, we aim to provide you with information about who we are, what we do, what our responsibilities are and how we work together with the Headteacher and the staff of St Vincent’s in order to provide the best possible opportunities for all the children in our care.


One of our main responsibilities, is to provide support to the school in developing a strategic development plan, which includes key priorities for improvement.


Currently at our school, these key priorities are:

  • Curriculum plans to help pupils acquire new knowledge and develop skills
  • Embed new knowledge in pupil’s long term memory.
  • In Early Years, strengthen assessment at the start of Reception.


We meet together as a Full Governing Body every term. There are three other committees  - Quality of Education, Resources and Pupil support and Ethos, who meet once per term (Quality of Education committee meets twice in the Spring Term). During the meetings, we discuss our progress towards achieving these key priorities and work with the Headteacher and the staff in order to provide both challenge and support.


There is a core team of committee members for each sub-committee, who oversee the agenda for the academic year. Based on the content of each agenda, additional governors may be invited to join the committee in their specific area of responsibility. Each committee must contain 50% of the core members to be considered quorate. This equates to 3 members plus the Headteacher for committees, and 5 Governors plus the Headteacher for Full Governing Body meetings. Not all committee content will be covered at every agenda, but will be addressed over the course of the academic year.


One of the documents attached to this page tells you which Governor is a member of each Committee. This is called the Governor Committee Structure. This also demonstrates specific Governors areas of responsibility.


A copy of our Instrument of Government is attached. This is an important document which underpins all of our work in school and has been approved both by the Archdiocese and Warrington Local Authority.


We welcome your feedback and should you wish to contact any member of the Governing Body, you can send an email through the school, marked for the attention of Governors, or you can write to the Governors c/o the School Office. You will then receive a reply, within 5 working days during term time.


Win Douglas (Chair of Governors on behalf of the Governing Body of St Vincent’s School)