Homework Policy

The purpose of homework at St Vincent’s Catholic Primary School is:

  • To consolidate and reinforce skills and understanding, particularly in English and Maths.
  • To develop an effective partnership between the school and parents and other carers in pursuing the aims of the school.
  • To extend or prepare for school learning and give children an opportunity to demonstrate their talents and skills.
  • To encourage pupils as they get older to develop the independence, confidence and self-discipline needed to study on their own, and to prepare them for the requirements of secondary school.


All homework will be sent home on a Friday.  Any homework sent home weekly will be for reinforcement and consolidation, and therefore we do not require this to be returned. However, in Year 6, in helping to get children prepared for Secondary School, we do ask that these tasks are returned the following Wednesday.


Reading practice and listening to others read is essential throughout school and will form part of ongoing homework. Children must read with an adult a minimum of 3 times each week and this is to be recorded in their diary. The class teacher will respond to comments where appropriate, but not always.  Home reading books should be in school daily so that should the opportunity arise, children can read to an adult in school. Children should read and listen to a range of texts, not necessarily always provided by the school.  It is also important that children are encouraged to make use of the library.


Each half term, the children will also be set homework linked to the wider curriculum, giving them the opportunity to prepare for, extend, apply and celebrate their wider learning, talents and skills. Curriculum homework will be based on Blooms’ Taxonomy of thinking skills, which includes 6 types of thinking: knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, evaluation and synthesis.  In Key Stage 1, the teacher will set tasks from which the children choose what to do.  In Key Stage 2, the teacher will set a homework question for the children to answer as they choose.  This homework will be sent home during the final week of each half term along with the curriculum newsletter for the following half term. Any topic based tasks can be returned to school at any point before the completion date set by the class teacher. This homework will be celebrated either through sharing with others or displaying it, whichever is most appropriate.